About Me

Tara is a resilience expert who has dedicated her life to helping people find their inner strength and reclaim their power. As a survivor of domestic violence and a mother of a stage 4 childhood cancer survivor, she knows firsthand the importance of choice and the resilience that comes with reclaiming one’s power. Tara gives people the tools they need to reframe their experiences, reclaim their power, and reignite their lives.

With over 25+ years of experience in leadership development and community building, Tara has led teams of women across the country and held the #1 position in her state for her company. She holds a degree in theater, has a background in improvisation, and is both a Counseling Practitioner and REBT certified. Tara is the founder of Hey Girl, You Can, a community of over 40,000+ women from around the world.

Tara teaches business, mindset, community building, and engagement tools to companies and organizations. She is a sought-after Top 5 TEDx speaker, a TEDx Play Series Performer, and the author of Making Cancer Fun: A Parent’s Guide (Amazon #1 New Release). She has been featured on MSNBC, GMA, 5280 & Reader’s Digest to name a few. Tara is also a contributing author on Every Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running your Own Business, a contributor to Conquer Magazine: The Patient’s Voice, and can be heard on podcasts worldwide.

Tara’s message of hope and empowerment is one that inspires and motivates people around the world. She lives in NJ with her miracle kid daughter, Emily Grace, and you can find Tara online at www.taragonline.com Her expertise and experience are invaluable, and she is committed to helping others realize their potential and achieve their goals.

“Grow Your Community to Build Your Business, with a People First Focus”

“You always have a choice, that is your power.”